Spirit Pipeline – DRC Pipeline System

About The Project

BASE was hired to create a FEL and FEED study for a new batch pipeline system in the DRC by our client.  The objective is to devise various scenarios to deliver the diverse petroleum products in a single pipeline to multiple locations using tank farms, truck-out stations and barges to deliver the products from the pipeline.  BASE’s pipeline and facility experience, along with the ability to provide effective, safe and reliable power to remote communities was a key component of the new pipeline system.  BASE completed the FEL study and is awaiting funding approval for the FEED study.

Problem Statement

  • Existing pipeline system had multiple failures/leaks
  • Client experienced theft of the petroleum products
  • Inadequate leak detection systems
  • Untrained operational staff
  • Minimal automation, mostly manual control


  • New pipeline is buried underground
  • Latest Leak Detection System installed
  • Remote power applications utilized dual fuel  allowing for higher reliability in remote locations
  • Trained operations staff in Canada 
  • Provided real world training of new control system prior to implementation and during commissioning, provided ongoing local and remote support