Pulp Mill P&ID Validation

About The Project

Our client, an international company with 3 major pulp mills in western Canada, required a through walk-down of various process areas to validate the P&IDs for the operating and ancillary processes. Our site level experience and familiarity with end devises produces accurate drawings of the live process. Completion reflects benefits in Safety, maintenance efficiencies and a prelude activity prior to DCS modernization.

Problem Statement

  • Mill was built in the late 1960 era
  • P&ID were in various states of accuracy
  • Maintenance was problematic due to inaccurate P&IDs
  • Possible HSE concerns for Operations and Maintenance staff
  • Accurate P&ID required for DCS modernization


  • BASE accessed additional drafting resources allowing for 24 hour operation to ensure client’s deadline was met.
  • Updated AutoCAD drawing files as per Redline Drawing As-Builts.
  • Provided Approved/Signed full size ‘A1’ and/or ‘B1’ Drawings for client records.
  • Issued final updated .dwg CAD files & .pdf files of all completed drawings.
  • As-Built Drawing Records distributed to field personnel allowing them to:
    1. Maintain, Operate and Troubleshoot the Facilities,
    2. Ensure correct Engineering Information is on the Drawings, allowing for future expansion,
    3. Maintain appropriate records for Corporate Governance and Project Close-out.
  • BASE personnel performed field verification ensuring construction was completed properly and any changes to drawings were still in compliance