Major Energy Corp: Facility As-Built Drafting Services

About The Project

Our client, a prominent Energy Corporation, hired BASE to provide As-Built Redlines of the Phase 1 drawings for a major pipeline project.  The redline markups were used to finalize As-Built Draft IFC CAD drawings.  The 2D and 3D drawings encompassed Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation and Control and Electrical scopes of work and numbered in the thousands.

Problem Statement

  • Drafting services to Final As-build Pipeling Phase 1 Facilities drawings for the follow facilities:
    1. Terminal and Pump Station
    2. Pump Stations and Delivery Stations (41)
    3. Control Valve and Pigging Sites, # Sites; (P&ID, I&C and Electrical drawings only.
  • Complete the as-builts in a 3 to 4 month period, with the lowest cost quality solution.



  • BASE accessed additional drafting resources allowing for 24 hour operation to ensure client’s deadline was met.
  • Updated AutoCAD drawing files as per Redline Drawing As-Builts.
  • Provided Approved/Signed full size ‘A1’ and/or ‘B1’ Drawings for client records.
  • Issued final updated .dwg CAD files & .pdf files of all completed drawings.
  • As-Built Drawing Records distributed to field personnel allowing them to:
    1. Maintain, Operate and Troubleshoot the Facilities,
    2. Ensure correct Engineering Information is on the Drawings, allowing for future expansion,
    3. Maintain appropriate records for Corporate Governance and Project Close-out.
  • BASE personnel performed field verification ensuring construction was completed properly and any changes to drawings were still in compliance