BASE is an established and superior provider of automation solutions and engineering. For more than 10 years, we have helped major energy infrastructure companies solve their most pressing issues with instrumentation, control and electrical automation. 

As a partnership-based solution provider, we produce cost-effective and time-efficient results that deliver as promised. We care about providing clients with solutions that optimize performance and reliability.

Our vastly experienced and dedicated people are committed to creating strong partnerships with clients and are guided by BASE’s core values. From large projects to small, it is our mandate to carefully manage every fine detail to meet and exceed the client’s technical criteria.





To exceed expectations at every interaction and touchpoint by providing exceptional client service and intentional, well-engineered solutions.



To elevate industry’s expectations in an environment built on placing people, health & safety, and quality at the forefront of everything we do.



At BASE, our core values are strategic traits, ethics, behaviors and beliefs that are fundamental to our mission and existence, and drive our business. It’s what we value most in our practices, offerings and team.

We strive to weave our values into the very fabric of the company – from the way we do business and reward our people to the way we treat stakeholders and communicate with our clients.


We don’t demote it to a tagline of what we hope clients will experience, we really do the right thing – in every conversation, every relationship, every major challenge and every decision. BASE acts with honesty and respect; we say what we do and then do what we say, always keeping our promises and sticking to our standards both internally and externally. 


Client focus

We consistently put our clients’ needs and best interests first. BASE gives our people a “why we do this” to support the “what we do.” We prioritize and communicate our client-centric mindset which in turn, works to foster our company culture. Our entire team is dedicated to enhancing client satisfaction and building stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships with stakeholders.


We take pride in our work and understand that ownership begins with accepting the responsibility of every task from reception to outcome and everything in between. BASE recognizes that each one of us is responsible for our words, our actions and the results – so we own the outcome. We are accountable to our clients, our stakeholders and our teams.



We believe our growth is based on our team’s involvement and collaboration. BASE has established structures that encourage dialogue as a way of implementing best practices. We foster a stimulating, respectful and empowering environment for everyone. We create networks and partnerships with professionals who understand that great achievements come from collaboration.


We strive to set the highest standards of quality in everything we do because, frankly, we’re in it to change the game. So BASE doubles-down on the importance of technical quality and of producing quality work for our clients. We believe that our high standards help us stand out from the rest. 


We stand by our leaders who guide our mission, drive our vision and uphold our collective core values. BASE’s leadership team consistently works on improving our cohesiveness. And because we care about our people’s growth, we prioritize career development and promoting within.

Continuous improvement

We make an ongoing effort to improve all elements of our business. BASE believes that a steady stream of improvements, diligently executed, will have transformational results not only for our processes and systems, but for our people too. We believe your time at BASE should make you better.



We know safety isn’t just a program or a client requirement. BASE’s team is committed to creating, promoting and maintaining a working safe environment. We believe everyone is an ambassador and this approach ensures ongoing improvement in workplace health and safety.



Denis Tetreau

Denis Tetreau

CEO, Engineering Team Lead

Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall

Director, Business Development

David Nakaska

David Nakaska

Management Consultant


As an Emerson System Integrator, we are a local source for sales and service by offering end-to-end configured solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients and our marketplace.