Ernest Senior promoted to Executive Vice President of Base Concepts Consulting Inc.

The modern Energy EcoSystem brings with it change that has not been experienced by Energy Companies and Organizations, in over a century. Vast new energy reserves and sources are being uncovered to meet growing demand. Climate Change is driving public and corporate policy, resulting in dynamic technological landscapes for delivering Energy, from multiple options, including optimization of Hydrocarbons, while driving dramatic growth in Solar, Wind, Geothermal and other sustainable sources.

Base excels in this modern Energy Business by partnering with our clients in Operationally Efficient solutions that maximize investor gain, system reliability and repeatable methods to achieve low cost, high certainty and minimized risk.

Base’s performance over this last year is a success story in the Canadian market, in spite of the turmoil including oil prices, COVID-19, lockdowns and the abused economy.

Ernest Senior  is hereby promoted to Executive Vice President in recognition of his world class leadership role in Base through these challenging times.

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