Base success story during COVID – hiring opportunities continue, we are looking for energetic people to join our growing company that are as obsessed with client service as we are.

Base Concepts – A Success Story During COVID-19



It is said that one should watch the man on a mission. That often a great part of a prediction for success is focus.

The challenges faced are daunting during this pandemic. Earlier in 2020, a crisis was witnessed in Hydrocarbons where literally the price was so low that the barrel the oil came in was more valuable than the oil it contained. Part of these challenges includes of course a worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. Entire economies are devastated, worldwide resources are focused on mitigating the impacts and energy demand has plummeted as people were sequestered to their homes, airlines are grounded and mass transit stopped. This is a challenge not seen in the world since the Spanish Flu of the early 20th century. The labor market has not been this decimated since the 1930s. 

Companies that survive these kinds of things carry a value out of innovation, longevity and practice that is to be applauded. Base is such a company. In the midst of the 2020 Covid and Energy market price collapse that forced the retraction of customer budgets, this company has thrived let alone survived. Base has recently recalled all staff back to the office and had to double its office size to accommodate the growth during the pandemic.   The expansion was done with safe social distancing practices, employee health, and personal protection as the foundation for design of the office environment.

We are proud of our success and commitment to protecting the principles, ethics and practices that we believe differentiate our company. We thank our clients, staff and associates for their continued support.